Do you have a separate bank account for your business?

I don’t have a “business” account per se, but I have a separate checking account for all business-related transactions. That way I can easily track my business expenses, profits etc.

I’ve been using @chime for over 2 years now and I must say that I’m very satisfied with their service. I even had my husband setup his own chime account.

What I love about chime✨

– the ease of opening a bank account online – you get a Visa Debit Card and an online account that can be managed entirely from your phone!

– no fees to sign up, no overdraft, no monthly or service fees, no minimum balance fees, no transaction fees, and no card replacement fees either! They do charge $2.50 for out of the network or over the counter cash withdrawal but the last time I had to withdraw cash, they waived my fee! what’s not to like?!

– gets you your paycheck up to 2 days early with direct deposit

– I can get my poshmark earnings same day! If I transfer funds around 9am, it’ll appear in my account before 5pm same day!

– excellent customer service – their support team responds in a timely manner, reliable and helpful! They pay close attention to issues specially disputes or unauthorized payments.

– they let you know if there’s any malicious activity in your account (that’s how I found out someone was trying to use my account to purchase over $2k items on ThredUp)

– international transactions are allowed – I was able to use my card to purchase a gift for my dad through a local shopping website in the Philippines.

– they have “spot me” feature that lets you make debit card purchases that overdraw your account with no overdraft fees. Limits start at $20 and can be increased up to $100.

Too good to be true?

Here’s more!

Get $75 when you enroll and join chime through my link! 

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  1. Danielle McWilliams wrote:

    Hi I see that you posted this blog quite some time ago I was curious if Poshmark is considered eligible as a direct deposit into my chime account you can email me back if you’d like at or on poshmark @d_whipkey I’ve never posted on a blog/website before and I’m not sure if I will get notified if you comment back on here I’m going to save your page under favorites tho lol like i said this is a first for me. I just finally found someone talking about poshmark and chime and am really curious if it will count because I get a good amount of money monthly from selling on poshmark but other than that no other income (direct deposit). I’m a stay at home mom with my two year old and newborn currently. Also I was hoping take advantage of the credit builder card but in order to do that I need to have an eligible direct deposit. Thank you for your time I’m sorry this comment is so long as well. Such a beautiful website dear! I love the set up! Also thank you for all of the info you provided as well.❤️

    Posted 6.11.22 Reply