Easy DIY Wall Hat Display Rack


Looking for ideas how to decorate your wall?

Not gonna lie, walls can be pretty intimidating to style. Not to mention, if you live in an apartment – you just can’t put a hole on the wall to hang anything. I am very limited to what I can do to decorate our wall. That being said, I came up with the idea of storing my hats + decorating the wall in one fell swoop was a win win situation.

My initial plan was to put a wall shelf in the corner of my side of the bed. We don’t have a big bedroom so I thought having 1-2 wall shelves can be an extra storage for knick knacks. Well, that didn’t happen coz in order for me to put a wall shelf, I’d have to drill the wall which I can’t do coz they will charge every hole if its bigger than a dime.

Anyways, I’m glad that I decided to go the wall hat display route, not only did it look aesthetically pleasing but I also like the functionality of it. I have gotten lots of compliments about it and so I wanted to share this easy DIY in case you’re looking to decorate your wall.

This would also work with baseball hats, but make sure the rope is heavy enough to carry the weight.

What you need:
copper pipe (you can get this at home depot, they can cut the pipe for you if you need a bigger size)
cotton rope ( available at your local store but I found the cheapest on Amazon)
wooden clothesline pins (you can use plastic clothespin but the wood looks stylish in my opinion)
a nail
a hammer

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